Sleep Dentistry


Sleep Dentistry

At Stirling Street Dental Clinic, we understand that not all patients are comfortable with receiving dental treatments. The feeling of anxiety and nervousness can easily arise, but this can be treated by undergoing sleep dentistry treatment. We only use the safest and most commonly used methods of sedation in modern dentistry.

Our dentists deliver the gas through a small mask sitting over your nose and within a few minutes, you'll start to relax and feel comfortable in your seat. You will still be awake to ensure we can communicate normally throughout the treatment, and its effects will gradually disappear after the dental procedure is finished.

Sleep dentistry also known as sedation dentistry, is advisable if your treatment involves a significant amount of time, or if you simply don't want to know what will happen during the treatment. By working with a medical anaesthetist, we make sure that the IV sedation will keep you asleep while sitting on the dental chair. We'll improve your dental health without you knowing what happened and you'll wake from a relaxing nap, feeling fresh and healthy.

Contact us to discuss your needs and book a sleep dentistry treatment at our Perth clinic.