Sleep Dentistry


Sleep Dentistry

Let’s get real for a second - visiting the dentist can sometimes be an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience.

We really wish that it wasn’t, but the reality of the situation is that we sometimes have to perform procedures that can cause varying degrees of discomfort. While this work is all done in the name of improving your dental health and quality of life, we understand that it can cause a certain level of anxiety and apprehension.

That’s where sleep dentistry in Perth comes in.

Also known as sedation dentistry, it refers to the use of medication that can help you stay calm and relaxed during your dental procedures. In sleep dentistry, various forms of sedative drugs are used to make you reduce stress, make you less anxious and minimise bad memories associated with dental treatments.

It’s especially helpful where invasive procedures are involved.

As one of the leading providers of sleep dentistry in Perth, at Stirling Street Dental Clinic we can make sure that all of your dental procedures are as comfortable as possible.

Types Of Sedation Used In Sleep Dentistry

  • Inhaled Minimal Sedation: also known as “happy gas”, nitrous oxide sedation involves administering a gas that is breathed in through a mask and helps to keep you calm and relaxed throughout your procedure.
  • Non-invasive and relatively short-term, it wears off quickly and even allows you to drive home after your appointment.
  • Moderate IV Sedation: this intravenously-administered form of sedation works almost instantaneously. You dentist will be able to adjust the level of sedation continuously throughout the procedure to ensure that you remain as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout.
  • Deep Sedation & General Anesthesia: this is the most powerful form of sedation and renders you partially or totally unconscious, meaning that you’ll be asleep during your procedure.

Perth’s Sleep Dentistry Experts

At Stirling Street Dental Clinic, we always put patient care and attention at the top of our priority list. That’s why we’ll always do everything possible to minimise your discomfort and make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during any dental procedures.

If you think that going to the dentist has to be a painful and unpleasant experience, then you’ve been going to the wrong people! As Perth’s leading sleep dentistry experts, you can rely on us to keep the discomfort at bay while maintaining your gorgeous smile and excellent dental health.


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