Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment

At Stirling Street Dental, we are skilled in root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is used to treat damaged or infected pulp, which can be caused by decay or trauma. With modern techniques and equipment these days, the treatment can be easily done. One or more visits are required to complete the treatment, and it is vital that the tooth is monitored regularly after the treatment. Root canal treatment involves the cleaning of infected nerves, re-shaping of the root canal chamber and then finally replaces the empty root canal chamber with a filling. After the root canal treatment is completed a dental crown is recommended to protect and strengthen the remaining tooth. Patients will need to maintain good oral hygiene and regular check up to ensure the root canal treated tooth and crown will last as long as possible.

The tooth that requires root canal treatment will be fully anaesthetized during the treatment, but if you are nervous then the procedure can be perform under nitrous oxide (happy gas) or IV sedation. Feel free to discuss the procedures and options with our friendly dentists.


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