Replace Missing Teeth


Replace Missing Teeth

So you have lost one or more teeth, what are the options? At Stirling Dental we take the time to set out all of your options and find a solution perfect for you.

First option, of course you can just leave the gap as it is. Depending on where the missing tooth/teeth are, this can result in cosmetic concern, movement of the adjacent and opposing teeth and loss of jaw bone which can affect future treatment option.

Second option is denture. This is normally the first option most people elect for as it is relatively quick to make.

Third option is a dental bridge, adjacent teeth are crowned are crowned and the missing tooth is joined to them. This is a great option if the bone is not suitable for dental implant. However the effect of having crowns on adjacent teeth means extra pressure placed on them so extra care should be taken or else breakage and damage to those teeth can occur.

And the final option is dental implants; this is the best option available for missing teeth if the jaw bone is suitable. The adjacent teeth are not affected in any degree and this provides for best chewing function with fantastic cosmetic appearance.


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