Dental Crowns Perth


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are very useful to restore decayed, chipped or cracked teeth and crowns can improve the strength and appearance of teeth! They are definitely beneficial to the ongoing health of a tooth. It is important that after your crowns are placed that you maintain regular 6 monthly dental check ups, so that our dentists can assess and fix any problems with the supporting tooth of a crown at an early stage. We want to keep your teeth as healthy as possible to improve your general smile.

Restoring a tooth with crown requires two separate appointments. During the first appointment the dentist will shape and adjust the tooth to allow enough space for a crown and at the same appointment dental impression is taken which will be sent to the dental laboratory. Once the dental technician receives the impression a crown is fabricated with strong restorative materials into the right size, shape and colour. All crowns are sent to local WA dental laboratories using materials that are TGA approved.

The second appointment usually takes place around 2 weeks after the first appointment and it involves the cementation of the finished crown.


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