Tooth Scaling & Cleaning Regularly

5 Great Benefits of Regularly Having Your Teeth Cleaned & Scaled

Most dental problems are caused by plaque buildup. The formation of plaque is a daily occurrence, and while daily brushing and flossing help keep buildup at bay, its colourless appearance makes it hard to detect, especially in areas of the mouth that are hard to reach like in between teeth and gum sockets.

Regular visits to the dentist for a scale and clean can go a long way in tackling this ongoing battle with plaque. Not getting professional help to remove this silent killer can give rise to a myriad of other dental problems, some of which you may already have without your knowledge. If you are still uncertain about getting a professional tooth scaling in Perth, read on to find out 5 great benefits this procedure can give you.

Prevents Cavities

A cavity is a hole formed in the tooth when the tooth starts to decay and is a common result of either a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates, poor oral hygiene or both. The bacteria found in plaque feed on remnants of sugary food on the teeth and release an acid that is damaging to the tooth enamel, which is the tooth’s outermost layer that acts as a barrier. Cavities form when the bacteria found in plaque penetrates into the tooth.

In its beginning stages, it is common for cavities to go unnoticed as they do not cause any discomfort and only appear as tiny specks of food or dirt that are trapped in between or on your teeth. The problem arises when it is left untreated, allowing the cavity to grow with time and eventually cause pain, swelling and other infections.

Prevents Gum Diseases

Gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums is also caused by plaque buildup. The inflammation causes swelling and in severe cases causes the gums to bleed when brushing teeth. It is common for someone to suffer gingivitis without being aware of it, as it causes little to no discomfort until the inflammation worsens. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to a gum infection called periodontitis. Periodontitis is detrimental to the immune system and will cost a lot of money to treat.

Helps Maintain Your Heart Health

Many people are not aware that their oral health is directly linked to their overall well being, particularly their cardiovascular health. Researches have shown that people with gum problems are at higher risk of various heart diseases. Who would have thought regular scaling could help protect your heart?

Keep Your Breath Fresh

You can brush and floss all you want but there are some parts of your teeth hiding all that icky plaque that your daily oral routine just can’t get rid of. Besides being harmful to your health, the millions of bacteria found in plaque can cause bad breath. One session of tooth scaling is enough to diminish all that buildup that causes bad breath.

Get Pearly Whites

Getting stains on your teeth is inevitable from all those years of eating and drinking, even more so if you drink coffee or smoke tobacco. Apart from doing justice to yourself and your loved ones by keeping your health in check, regular tooth scaling gives you the confidence to flaunt your pearly whites each time you smile!

When it comes to your oral health, the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is absolutely applicable. Tooth scaling and cleaning are a necessary part of a complete oral health regime, and when performed regularly, can give you the amazing benefits listed above. If you are looking for a professional tooth scaling service in Perth, get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Regularly Having Your Teeth Cleaned & Scaled