Check It Before You Wreck It

The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Most people tend to think that regular dental checkups are not as important as doing so for your general health, although this is far from the truth. In fact, checking your oral health regularly is extremely important for reasons beyond clean and nice-looking teeth.

Regular dental checkups don’t only help in preventing various dental problems from arising but they’re also important for detecting and treating them before they worsen.

If you have not seen a dentist in years and are considering a dental checkup in Perth, Stirling Street Dental offers professional and reliable service that is essential in maintaining your overall health. Check out the rest of this post to find out more about why regular dental checkups are so important for you.

Preventing Common Dental Issues

Tartar and cavities are far more common than you might imagine and can even occur in individuals who follow a strict oral care regime. These problems are caused by plaque buildup which is a natural daily occurrence. While brushing and flossing help keep it at bay, they simply aren’t enough to remove any existing plaque that may be stuck in areas that are hard to reach in your mouth like in between teeth and gum sockets. Doing this requires a professional scale and clean, which is performed as part of your checkup.

Preventing Gum Infections and Diseases

It is natural for plaque to get stuck in gum sockets, but not removing it can lead to an infection called gingivitis. The scale and cleaning performed during your dental checkup effectively removes plaque from these delicate areas and eliminates the bad breath it can cause.

Detecting Hidden Dental Problems

Cavities, tartar and gingivitis can easily go unnoticed when they don’t cause any pain or discomfort. Getting your oral health checked regularly will allow your dentist to check for these problems and treat them early on, which will save you money and the painful experience when these matters get worse

Fresher Breath and Smile

Stained teeth and bad breath can persist even with diligent brushing and flossing, but they can be eliminated with a professional scale and clean.

Check Your Overall Health

There are a number of non-dental related ailments that can show up in your mouth. With regular dental checkups, a dentist will be able to detect any present abnormalities and refer you to a relevant medical practitioner to get treated.

Also, your oral health is directly related to your general well being. Dental problems can progress into other health complications or diseases, and regular dental checkups can prevent this from happening.

Maintaining your oral health is important for many reasons, and regular checkups are a vital part of a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a reliable dental checkup service in Perth, get in touch with us today to secure an appointment.

Check It Before You Wreck It