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What are preferred providers?

To make a health insurance claim, your health fund needs to recognise the provider of those services. Some health funds have a list of health professionals with which private health funds have payment agreements. This special relationship means that when you receive treatment from a preferred provider, you can ensure that your health fund will pay a rebate and in some cases, provide discounted treatment.

HBF Preferred Provider

At Stirling Street Dental, we always strive to give our patients a pleasant and rewarding dental experience to make sure you get the best possible smile. Our goal is to make sure our patients have the most comfortable and satisfying experience possible. With our quality tools and skills, each dentist in our office keeps up with the latest dental care advancements. We also understand that dental services can be quite costly, with lots of procedures and appointments leading to more considerable expenses. Most people tend to take out various health insurance covers to help cover costs. We’re a certified HBF dental provider so we can offer you the most affordable options for your dentistry needs.

Why should you choose a HBF preferred provider?

HBF Health Fund is one of Western Australia’s largest health insurance providers and has over 80 years of industry experience. They’re also run primarily to benefit members.

HBF dentist providers allow you to pay less while still receiving quality dental care. Choosing a HBF preferred dental provider also means you get to make the most of your health insurance. Our patients comfort is our number one priority, and the HBF policy benefits cover a wide range of dental services, which not only goes towards consultations but also fillings, scale and cleaning, extractions, and mouth guards.

As a HBF dental provider, our team can also process your claim instantly through our HICAPS machine at the end of your appointment. This can sometimes lead to no out-of-pocket expenses for you on the day, and at the very least you will only have to make the gap payment; one of the many benefits of choosing a HBF Member Plus preferred dental provider.

What services are covered under HBF?

The level of coverage for the service provided by our dentists depends on the type of policy taken up. In some cases, because all of our dentists are registered as providers by HBF, you could receive an annual complimentary scale and clean. As a HBF member, you can also receive a higher rebate (up to 90%) for preventive dental treatments, including examinations and x-rays.

If you have children who are also insured with HBF, they will be fully covered for general dental procedures such as regular checkups, fillings and cleans.

We recommend that you check with your insurance provider to check your level of cover and extra benefits before you book an appointment with us. In addition, our friendly staff can assist you if you have any questions relating to your health care provider.

What if I’m not covered by HBF?

While we are a HBF preferred provider, we welcome and accept all major Health Insurance Providers. In addition to this, we are preferred providers with HCF, Bupa and nib so that we can offer you the most affordable options for your dentistry needs. No matter your insurance cover level, our friendly dentists will provide you with the ideal treatment for your individual needs.

Our preferred providers

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Got more questions? Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about your health insurance or to learn more about your HBF dental extras cover.


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